Guru Dynamic Fit Studio

Guru Dynamic Fit Studio

Planetary Cycles Dynamic Fit Studio

Come see how a custom dynamic fit from Planetary Cycles can change your complete cycling experience.

We are a GURU Fit Experience and F.I.S.T (Dan Empfield founder of Fit Institute SlowTwitch) certified shop. 

About the System:

The GURU Fit Experience is the most advanced road and tri bike fitting system in existence. This system uses dynamic motion analysis and electronic motor adjustments of the seat and handlebars in conjunction with a F.I.S.T. certified technician to make sure the rider gets the fit possible for their particular riding style and optimal power output.

To achieve this the system comes complete with a selection of Fizik saddles so the technician can pair the rider up with the perfect saddle for their body, It also comes with a selection of Zipp handle bars so they are able to get the proper width handlebar for their individual shoulder width. The fit bike itself has a built in power meter so the rider can see how the changes that are made (without dismounting the bike) are making a difference in their power output.

In Plain English:

This fit system is more technologically advanced then any other system. It has a faster set up and more accuracy. Using this system, the Dan Empfield trained technician will make you:

  • GO faster!
  • USE less energy!
  • BE more comfortable!

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