KMX tricycles


Made for curves.

Especially suited for riders who just want to have fun. Get fit and work those stomach muscles on this comfortable, low-maintenance, easy-to-handle KMX with stylish spoked wheels, adjustable seat and handle bars. The Typhoon packs a hefty punch of wind-in-your-hair riding action so you can exercise in style and comfort.

Engineering + Design

  -Improved frame angles giving increased ground clearance while maintaining the original low centre of gravity
   Direct steer providing more responsive handling and a lighter feel
   -KMX padded bucket seat with side supports and inter-cooling vent system for more support and comfort on a breathable seat
  -Adjustable seat frame for both angle and position on frame
  -Aluminium front boom
  -Black Anodising on all Aluminium parts
  -Deep Lustre Professional paintwork and finish
  -Oversized Super Glide Pulleys for smooth chain management
  -Simple and quick assembly


Our Price:$1,250.00

Also Available


Lightest and fastest KMX trike with 

High pressure road tires


Perfect for long distances or commuting


High ground clearance perfect for

off road adventures


Perfect entry level rider under 1k


Made for kids with safety in mind.