Meet The Crew

Adam weelies a recumbent a little too far,

Adam Potter

I am one of the two founders of Planetary Cycles, my background in cycling goes back many years ( more than I care to remember! ). As most people of my day I rode a bike as my escape and my path to independence and freedom as a kid. But the real turning point for me was seeing the movie Breaking away, I wanted to be Dave from that movie, only without the fake French accent. It inspired me to enter my first bike race at the age of 16, and to shave my legs ,much to the horror of my family and friends.
I have loved riding bikes ever since I learned to ride, and continue to love it as much and even more. I feel ,lucky because I get to help introduce and enhance other people's cycling as well as ride about every thing that comes along on two wheels and even three ( as long as no one is watching! )
When I am not riding my bike I am trying my best to be a father to my two sons, and doing all I can to pass along my passion for riding and helping others.

Favorite bike: My Cannondale F-29er mountain bike.
Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper
Favorite bike ride: any ride with friends that ends without bloodletting or ride ending mechanicals.

Danny Savitzky

I'm your man to talk to if you have any questions about recumbents. Trikes are one of my many passions.

I also love antiques. Stop by and take a look at some of my vintage bikes. Some are turn of the century wood rim bikes, others are from the 1950's and ask to see my 1930's velomobile. There is even a collection of childrens trikes hanging on the wall to see.

If I'm not in, I may be found at the park blasting the trails on my Cannondale Scalpel.

Matt Tyler

Having been raised in rural Wisconsin for me the bicycle represents freedom. As a young boy it allowed me to venture deeper into the countryside discovering new woods, streams and meadows to be explored and conquered. As I got older my bicycle led me into the nearest town. While not exactly a booming metropolious (population 1,200) there was still plenty of opportunity for mischief and I could always count on my bike for a hasty retreat back into the countryside should the need arise. High school and the automobile led to a long separation between the bicycle and me. Only after a dubious and often aggravating attempt at golf did I decided to turn to cycling for recreation. I bought a used mountain and never looked back. That sense of awe and adventure I knew as boy is as close and real as ever as I ride my bike through woods today.

Josiah Marrs

Josiah was born inside his house in Dallas and grew up in the countryside near the tiny town of Kerens, Tx, population 1681. He was home schooled up until the last year of high school which he graduated at 16. He enjoys chewing some gum with his teeth during periods of unfresh mouth, and spending time with his cat "gumby" despite her incorrect views on global politics. Josiah first became involved with bicycles in 2007 when he and four friends set out to ride their bicycles from coast to coast. Upon his return to Texas, Josiah began his employment at Planetary Cycles in August 2007, and after five long years has finally clawed his way up the ladder. All the way to the middle.



Jeff Shoemake